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The Volcano

I've always loved the movie Joe versus the Volcano. It is a great flick and full of symbols. When I first watched it in my mid-teens I was lost and without ambition much like Joe was while working for Mr. Waturi. I identified a lot with Joe I think, and some of his obstacles, like his hypochondria. Joe versus the Volcano was "a real journey" where Joe leaves behind all his obstacles and past to find that the things he wanted most were things he hadn't even known existed. He had to leave his comfort zone, as it were, and take a leap. Joe, who only has 6 months to live, is asked by Mr. Graynamore to jump into a volcano in exchange for a few weeks living in luxury. On the way he meets many different people, has adventures, and falls in love with Patricia.

I am impressed by the difference from Joe's old life and Joe's new life. As Joe crosses the ocean in a yacht talking to Patricia, he comments about her life and says, "all of this ... life... seems unbelievable...". In Joe's old life he was depressed, miserable, not liking where he was or who he was with. If Joe had never been bounced out of his old stagnant life, he may have never escaped it! He did not know any better, he did not know that such a "Life" existed and was possible.

I believe that God works very intimately with man in our lives. I believe he does everything he can to improve our situation, to bring us joy! All that he needs us to do is to take a little leap, follow your heart.

Another great line from the movie, in that same conversation of Joe and Patricia, is when Patricia says, "My father says that almost the whole world is asleep -everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to, he says that only a few people are awake, and they live in a state of constant total amazement." Though I know this is just a movie, with a script written by some guy I'll probably never meet. This idea of being "awake" has become something of a theme in my life. It's just so cool to just sit and gaze at something in amazement at something simple or common, like frost patterns in your refrigerator, or a trail of ants scurrying about. I guess another way to say it is "stopping to smell the roses".

Maybe the difference between Joe's old world and his new one wasn't Mr. Graynamore's credit cards, but the difference in the things he observed: like the flower Joe notices in front of the factory.

The Volcano is the final obstacle in Joe's journey. It's funny that in the movie it represents both the reason his new life starts and also his impending death. In the end Joe has his confrontation with the Volcano. I agree with Joe when he said, "Courage interests me". The Volcano, then, to me symbolizes that obstacle that we must face. The thing that may terrify us, until finally we can overcome it, and own it. I guess that's why I chose "Joe's Volcano" as my site name because when we face our challenge and finally win, it is ours. In the end it is Joe's Volcano.

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