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Bucket List : Things that suck in Apple Calendar / Mail

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

It seems the world has stopped caring about calendars and events…

Here are a collection of the absolute ineptitude of recent iterations of Apple Calendar (and some of the ways Apple Mail makes things worse.) After each, is what I think is an ovious fix in case any ambitious apple product managers are reading…

Please Accept this Event that happened two weeks ago!

Please Accept!

Obvious Fix: It the date is in the past, suppress

This message was from today. Trust Me…

I played this audio file which according to the email, says it came from today, BUT the audio file was more than 3 months old. If I open and play the SAME message on my phone using GMail app, it is the correct message. It TOTALLY was pulling some random file as the attachment! Either that or there is a consipracy to make me very confused.

This message was from today. Trust Me...

Obvious Fix: Don’t

When was that Event?

When you get an email with a calendar invite, I think most people have the same question: “When is it?” So, of course Apple will help you out. Right? Waaait. No. You click on the ICS attachment and hit space to preview it…

Look closely, it almost looks like they’re trying to be helpful. Can you see date? Neither can I.

Where's Waldo.  Er. The date.

There seem to be Any way to se what I’m getting before I add to my calendar… Wow.

Obvious Fix: Date in window header.

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