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Things I’m Grateful For

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Healthy body
Good job
Work with good people
Prosperous situation

Beautiful talented wife
Wife that loves and sacrifices for me

4 amazing kids

Family that loves and try to help me

To have a gifted, generous, righteous Brother-in-law

I got to be family with and be loved by Butch Evans
He taught me how to fix cars
He helped love lake Powell, archery, shooting, motorcycles
He showed me a great example of serving God, loving his family and
I am SO grateful to have known him as long as I did
I am so fortunate
So few other people got to be so close to him
So few people get to have as great a role model as him

I am grateful…
That I know through the gospel, where he is, and that I am still sealed through family to him

For the mountains
For lakes I can swim in
For foreign countries and people I can visit
For motorcycles
For our nation and freedom
For prophets and scriptures
For physics and the universe
For computers
For the hand of God in my life that has lead me to…

Joe vs the volcano
Enders game
Jeremy Billette
My brothers and sisters
Thomas Ballard
Doran Barton
Fadi mujahid
Steve Torkos
Lehi 22nd ward
Kieth Manwill
Ryan turner
DraMa and acting
Writing and telling stories
Climbing trees
Working in the workshop with uncle david
Marrying charla evans
Chatting with her from the u of u
Holding her hand
Seeing her bear my children
Holding her hand across the alter
Going to lake Powell
Going to Mexico
Cody Stevenson

I’m grateful for…

The whisperings of the spirit that has built my testimony
For the book of mormon

I am grateful that Jesus Christ my elder brother loved me enough to come, live and die for me.

And I am so very grateful for the little miracle baby god sent down to me. I love Halle so much!

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