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Introducing Halle Elizabeth Buchanan

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

lil' baby, one month early!

            lil' baby, one month early!

We have a new little squeak in our house! Halle Elizabeth Buchanan was born at 4:59 am Sat, Jun 13th in the back of an ambulance at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon! She is doing wonderful for coming into the world the hard way! And it’s a greay story too…

Charla went up to the Burrow (the Evans cabin near Indianola, UT) with Nana grandpa and the cousins on Friday, but I stayed home because of church stuff Saturday morning. Charla’s due date was not until July 17th, so we thought we were safe… At 3am Charla started having labor. She waited until 4am before waking Nana and grandpa. While coming down the canyon, her water broke, they called 911 and stopped just out of the canyon by the huge windmills. They waited 10 mins for the ambulance, and she was born just after they loaded Charla into the back, before they could drive away. Halle had to do it the hard way too, she came out bum first! For being one month early, she sure was in a hurry! Many thanks to the paramedic that pulled real hard to get her out.

Charla had called me at 4:15am and I sped south to try to meet them. I was still 5 – 10 mins away when Halle was born. I got to the hospital soon after they did. They took her to Mountain View Hospital in Payson. The doctors were amazed with how well she was for being a month early. They still kept us at the hospital for 4 days just to be cautious, but Halle really is 100% perfect!

She was 4 lb 15 oz. and 17 inches. Here are some pics.

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