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The coolest thing in the World.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Alright, I have to say something about this, it’s been buzzing around in my head non-stop…

So, over the years I’ve tried many different ways of tracking finance, categorization, budgeting and reports. I’ve coded my own, bought commercial software, yada, yada, yada.  I started writing my own again a few months to auto login to my bank’s website and scrape the transactions and auto CC categories for me…  But i gave up.  I guess I’d decided that it just wouldn’t ever be easy.

HOLY COW!  Someone pinch me!  Ok, I’m way nerdy for flipping out about this.  But cool technology drives me nuts!

So, we were working with Dane Trimble a personal friend, and financial adviser, and he recommended  It is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!  And it’s drop-dead simple.  You have to trust it with all the usernames and passwords to your banks, but it happily connects (even to the obscure technology-backward  credit union we have!), and makes sense of ALL the transactions from all your banks!  Ok, some people have said this is scary, but I checked, and uses the Yodlee services system to do all the bank access.  It’s amazing, it works, it’s pretty and it’s very very easy to use!

My favorite parts:

  1. Sucking in all my data from 4 bank accounts and PayPal was ready in like 10 mins!
  2. Their auto-category choosing is Wonderful, and it’s really easy to tune it to automatically re-categorize things how you like, even with future transactions!
  3. Real easy set some budget dollar amounts for some or all categories and it shows a single-view whole-budget summary with a bar that moves through the month showing where you should be on average as time progresses.  For me it’s all about visualization of where I am in the month.
  4. Their “Trends” screen is So-Cool to see where you spend your money, drill down or even compare what you spend to the USA average, Utah average, city by city average.
  5. Oh, yeah and it’s FREE

K, I really should stop checking it every 5 mins…  MANY thanks to Dane for clueing me into this.  Dane was a wealth of common-sense useful help for all things financial.  The meeting with him was life-altering.  I may finally (after 10 years of trying) be able to make and stick to a budget!  If you want to get ahold of Dane, (and I HIGHLY reccomend it) call him at 801-673-5537.  (And no, he’s not paying me to do this.)

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