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South Beach Diet Again

Monday, January 14th, 2008

We heard about the South Beach Diet from my Mother-in-law. It is similar to the Adkins diet, but with focus on less fat, more vegetables and fruit.

You start out on phases, Phase 1 last two weeks and is more restrictive. It’s mainly for cleansing your body of sugars, and carbs and getting your body into catosis. The great part of this diet is that you start losing weight immediately. I lost 10 pounds in the first couple of weeks. After that it slowed down a little, but I still kept losing 2 or 3 pounds every week I stayed on it.

Phase 2 introduces more vegetables, some dairy and fruits. You can even have a wheat serving occasionally if it’s really whole wheat. I depart a little from the standard South Beach diet because I find it hard to get enough fiber. I eat a big bowl of bran flakes every morning to keep things flowing. I think this actually helps me lose weight faster.

I actually cheat even worse than that. I think the main failing of dieting is that it’s all about denial, denial, denial, then when you finally decide the diet is over it’s binge, binge, binge, eating all the things you’ve been missing. Pretty soon you’ve completely negated the whole time you were on the diet. And I hear that it’s bad for you to rapidly gain or lose weight too much.

So what I do is work in a good amount of blatant cheating and falling off the diet for just a day or a meal. Charla and I would have a cheat day once a month where we’d totally binge on carbs until it hurt. The next day our bodies ache and cramp up so bad from all the sugar we’re not used to that we are very happy to get back on the diet.

At the end when you’re finally decide you’re off the diet to go back to normal life… Don’t. Just stay on the diet 2 meals a day. Maybe just one whole day on two days off. Especially with the South Beach diet I like to keep my healthy dislike of sugary sweet things close. Except for Ice Cream… But even ice cream. I’ve really just grown to like the “No Sugar Added” ice cream even when I’m not on the diet.

Anyhow. This is what is working for me.


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