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Halloween Maze

The MazeFor the last four years we have been making a maze each Halloween. It started as a fun thing for the kids and their cousins, but we kept making it biggest each year. We build it down at the back of our yard which started out as an even slope. We’ve been digging it out each year so each year we made the maze bigger with the progress of our digging, it started out at 4 by 7. Earlier this year we completed the last of the hole and put in the retaining wall, so the maze was 4 by 11 this year.

We put together the maze with 3/4 inch PVC with the uprights 4 and a half feet tall and each grid cell at around 3 and a half feet. We pound rebar into the ground for each upright, and then put the whole thing together like tinker toys. Then we use some cheap black plastic (50 feet by 20 feet cut down the middle from Walmart ;-D), and a lot of duct tape. This year we had it all up in one Saturday. Charla’s been collecting Halloween decorations over the years, and the maze looked great this year. You can see the pics in the PicacaWeb Album here:

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