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The planned boy…

Friday, January 27th, 2006

The boy is here! His name is Gavin Elijah Buchanan. Charla is holding him. He’s cute! He’s so tiny! It’s been so long since Moey’s birth that this all seems new again. He was born at 1:03pm on Monday the 23rd. Charla and Gavin came home yesterday afternoon. He is so amazing. Well, here’s the story…

In mid-December Charla’s nearly constant Braxton-Hicks contractions started getting stronger. Then Charla started getting some real contractions mixed in as well. Our supplemental AFLAC insurance only would work if the baby was born on or after Dec 23rd. If he came earlier we would get nothing. Often Charla would have contractions every five minutes for an hour or more. We seriously wondered if Gavin would wait for Christmas.

We breathed a sigh of relief as the 23rd came and went. Then on Christmas Eve we were coming home from a family Christmas thingy. I was driving the truck and was about 10 minutes behind Charla on the road. When I was just getting off the freeway, almost home, Charla called me with the question “How close are you? I think I my water may have just broke.” Oh the excitement went way up! Though, we really didn’t want a Christmas baby… We waited and it was just a false alarm… But oh that made Christmas-night preparation different! I relish the feeling of anxiety!

After that, the stress never seemed to break… I was so excited and each day that went by just seemed a day to long. We got 3-wheelers from my father-in-law for Christmas, and I ended up riding them around a lot in the next few weeks. Charla continued to have very frequent contractions. Several times I almost insisted to go to the hospital if they lasted another 10 minutes.

Charla even got to the point that she was doing extra things to put herself into labor. She was walking Ethan to school and pushing Moey in a stroller the whole way as fast as she could. We saw Dr. Mooreland three times during that wait and she kept saying “There’s no way you’re going to make it all the way to your due date!”. Dr. Mooreland wanted to induce as early as a week before the due date. Ethan and Moey were 12 and 9 days late so we thought we’d at least wait until the due date. We finally decided on inducing Monday January 23rd so Charla could do her last Primary Sharing Time on the 22nd. We still didn’t think Gavin would wait the time…

Well, after almost two months of playing the minuteman, January 23rd came. Charla and I dropped off the kids at Nana’s house at 6:50am on Monday and our appointment to induce was at 7:30am. Well, things were different this time from when we induced for Moey. They didn’t start the inducing for 4 hours while they had Charla on some antibiotics. Finally at about 12:20 they gave her the epidural and broke her water. Gavin was born about a half an hour later. Charla says she never really had a strong contraction that she felt.

Well, he’s out! He’s ours and I couldn’t be happier. We are so grateful. But this kid, besides all the false alarms was the most planned kid ever. Check our pictures here.

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