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Accident and Find

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

Charla was in a car accident Nov 19th, the day before my birthday. She was driving home with Ethan and Moey in the car going down Bangerter highway at around 7pm. She was going along about 60mph as she was crossing the 104th South intersection through a green light. A lady going west ran the red light and hit Charla as she was midway through the intersection. The cars hit right on their corners, so Charla’s car didn’t lose much momentum. The collision tore through our car’s front headlight and back through the wheel well, completely dislocating the tire. Charla’s car still going really fast skidded around out of control sideswiping 2 other cars which were stopped at the light facing Charla in the left turn lane. Finally, Charla’s car skidded to a stop about 100 feet outside the intersection.

Charla and everyone were ok. Her drivers side window had exploded filling the car with glass, and Moey was panicking, but everyone was alright. The air bag did not go off which was a good thing as Charla is seven and a half months pregnant. I was not in the car. I was about 2 miles away at my mother-in-law’s house about to leave when Charla called me on my cell phone. We went to the hospital for a couple hours to have them watch the baby, but everything is ok.

We found out a week later that the lady who hit us was uninsured. So… we are out a car. The car is pretty much totalled. I think I may be able to fix it up myself. Really the damage could have been much worse. It missed the frame and the engine compartment. I think I might be able to do it for $1500 myself if I do all the labor. I might get to that next spring…

Well we were in need of finding a new car. I fixed up our old ’91 pontiac (beater) car, but I didn’t want Charla driving that for long. We went out three or four times with not much success finding anything in our price range. We have been out of car debt for almost two years now and are eager to get out of it again as soon as possible. So we were really looking for something around $4,000. We decided, with the baby coming, that finally… with some dread… it was time to get a Minivan.

Finally on Monday the 5th, we found the one we wanted. We went down to a Toyota dealer in Provo who had advertised one of their trade-ins. It is a 2000 Ford Windstar LX. The dealer said there was something major wrong with the engine, so they were selling it wholesale as is. They hadn’t even cleaned it out all the way. I took a look at it and listened to what the guy said was the main problem. I wasn’t convinced anything was wrong, so I called around and found out that that model has a “Rev Limiter” also known as a “Governor” to prevent you from revving the engine up especially in Park. I think these Toyota salesmen or service guys might not have known? Or maybe their mechanic knew about something else and I wasn’t told. So far so good…

So we bought it. It only has 65,000 miles on it. It has a 10-disc CD changer installed, tow package, driver side sliding door and rear air-conditioning controls. It looks and drives great. No problems we can see. We bought it for $4200, where retail they were going to ask for $7900. If there are no problems, we got a steal!

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