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Buffy or Lost…

Thursday, March 10th, 2005

It’s that time of night again, Charla is right now putting the kids down to bed, and in 10 minutes to an hour (it varies), she will come down and we will have to make a choice: Buffy or Lost? We have Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 on DVD, or we have several more episodes of the recent TV series “Lost” downloaded that we could watch. Choices choices…

Last night was 2 episodes of Lost, but the night before, it was 2 episodes of Buffy. See, we don’t want to run out of Lost episodes and have to wait a week like everybody else in the world between episodes… But we also will run out of Buffy episodes eventually as well…

I really just enjoy the time with Charla. That and our digging time together each day has become special time for me that we never miss. Yes, we are digging in our back yard again, trying to get it ready for retaining wall blocks and landscaping. We are digging out the bottom section of the yard currently. The hole is about 15 feet wide tapering in depth from 5 feet deep down to 1 foot deep. We have dug out 17 feet long so far and need to dig another 25 feet to get to the fence. Charla digs about an hour to 2 hours every day and I join her for half and hour to an hour of that which I usually take out of the morning or lunch hours. It has been so warm outside for early March that it’s been nice.

The kids get into the fun while we’re out digging as well. They slide down one of the sand piles into the hole, dig their own holes and look for treasure or lizards.

Charla has been working on a new look for our website. Hopefully you will see it soon and be rid of this cut-and-dry imageless style that you see now. I am thinking of ideas for the design of my parent’s family site as well. That site address is There’s nothing there, just a note saying this is a private server. Well, now that I’ve said it, I’m sure that it’ll guarantee that I’ll never get around to it… Oh well, good night. Charla should be down any minute.

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