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Saturday, February 5th, 2005

Well, right now I’m waiting for my Father-in-law, Butch to call and let me know that he is on his way. We are going shooting down by Utah lake. Butch has all kinds of guns, but today he is going to shoot his new 22 caliber rifle he got for Christmas. My sister-in-law Michele is in town and she has her own handguns brought along.

I first got into shooting when I was in Army Basic Training where I shot M16 rifles. I really fell in love with rifles and prefer shooting for accuracy. Most of the guns we shoot with Butch are handguns. He has some pretty big ones that are reeeeal nice. I am still learning about the details of rifles and handguns, but I love it. We were going to go snowmobiling, but changed to this. That’s just fine with me.

I don’t own any guns myself. I actually asked Charla for one for Christmas, but alas, I didn’t get one. I love archery even more because it’s less expensive, and thus you can do it longer. Butch has a stack of boxes banded together in his back yard that we shoot at. Lots of fun. But I don’t think I’ve done it since May 30, 2002. That was the day Moey was born. I shot for hours while we were waiting for the hospital to call and say they were ready for us to come in to induce. Anyway, shooting is fun :).

I looked up an archived copy of my old old old website I designed my senior year in highschool. I searched for the old web address on and voila! Click here to see the archived copy.

Well, they just called so I need to run.

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