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Holidays and New Year

Tuesday, January 4th, 2005

Happy New Years! I have been busy since my last blog. I’m still at work on the Big project. Charla and the kids are doing fine. We have enjoyed the holidays with family. I have loved this time working from home over the last months. Charla would often bring lunch down to me and we would play a game of Hand and Foot (similar to Canasta). I have been truely happy in this time working from home. The kids have been pretty good. Sometimes Moey would come down while I was working and crawl onto my lap. She would just sit there for an hour snuggling while I worked.

We went to Disneyland with Charla’s family the second week in December. It was the funnest time I’ve been to Disneyland yet. Ethan and Moey loved all the rides. They were terrified at some of the dumb rides like Mr. Toads Wild Ride and Storybook land. They begged and cried to go see, talk to and get a picture with every dressed up charactar they saw. Ethan even asked Nana to make a list of all the characters he had seen.

Us adults got to go on some of the big kid rides in California Adventure. The roller coaster and Maliboomer were great, and Soaring over California was an experience. But, the Hollywood Tower of terror was our favorite. We went on that one a couple times. The weather was real nice and most of the lines were less than 10 minutes.

December was really slow and I didn’t get much done. I have never really liked December ever since I have had to work for a living. I love Christmas, but it is always so difficult to get work and Christmas shopping done simultaneously. My work efforts always get really distracted around that time. I love playing with the kids and Christmas morning, but my work focus goes completely out the window. Someday when I’m rich and carefree I’m going to take Decembers off.

At this time I thank God for all he has afforded me. Above all he has given me the fortune to live in this land of peace and safety, and the current grace to have prosperity. I mourn with the people of South Asia in this time of disaster. I know God is watching all men’s lives with infinite attention, and that he mourns with the families that have been torn apart. I am grateful for God’s gifts to me and count my blessings as an obligation to serve His children. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he helps his children through good men and women who are his servants. I am grateful for the chance to be of service.

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