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Fishing, fishing…

Friday, August 13th, 2004

This has been a good summer, exciting and adventurous. The only downside to it so far is that we haven’t had a Lake Powell trip yet. Hopefully we’ll be going next weekend though. We have done a lot of fishing since that first Fathers and Sons trip in May. My friend Randy Walton has shown me some tricks and we are catching fish like crazy. For the first month or two I would take a picture of each fish so I could record lengths and such, but I gave up a month or so ago because there were SO Many fish! We’ve been fishing at least once a week since June, and usually catch 2 or 3 fish each time.

My family has historically had much difficulty in catching fish. They have termed it “The Buchanan Curse”. My brother Nathan was the one that caught “The Fish” — the only fish ever caught by a Buchanan in known history. Nathan even said that he didn’t actually catch it, but that he caught someone else’s line that had a fish on it.

Well, Ethan and I have seemed to have escaped it. I invited my father and brother Adam, to come up fishing with us at our favorite place, Tibble Fork Res. up American Fork canyon. Adam caught 2 fish and my father reeled one in my my line. They were ecstatic! For me it is even more fun helping other people catch fish than catching them myself. The Buchanan’s had a camp out at Mill Hollow and we got everyone to catch a couple fish. Aaron caught 4 or 5 fish and he didn’t even have a license. 🙂 My father and brother have caught fish at a scout camp since, so I think it’s safe to say The Curse is Broken!

We love fishing once or twice a week for the escape and family fun. Moey is getting into it a little, she likes to sit on my lap and wind in the reel slowly, even though I’d rather leave it out so I can catch something. Ethan has been a great sport since the beginning, and has always caught more fish than the rest of us. We really love it because it gives us the chance to be in the mountains. It really is very beautiful up our canyon.

The new company is coming along great. We’ve got Doran Barton in on the project now and are charging forward. We are spending much effort on usability and hope that it will be the deciding factor in winning our customer’s loyalty and referrals. The system we’ve got so far is rock solid and I see no reason why it couldn’t be a major player in just a few months. As always, we’ll wait and see. Fingers crossed…

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