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The new Job

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004

I have a job. I am working with Adam Sorensen, a past co-worker of mine starting a new business. Wednesday, June 2nd, when we came home from helping my father-in-law clean out the old Evans home, Charla noticed that I had an instant message from my friend Adam. He was asking if I would call him. I forgot to call him that night and he instant messaged me again on Thursday morning. We talked for an hour or so that day about the business idea he was working on and I came to his house for another couple hours as he showed me all the things they were planning.

Adam talked with me about how he also had trusted God with his career moves to this point and that he felt that he was there for a reason. Earlier this year the US division of his business had been in financial trouble and he hadn’t been paid for months of work. He prayed and felt that God was asking him to stay a little longer. A week later he was contacted by Steve Torkos, the man driving the Canadian side of the company. Steve paid Adam and a week later the US side of the company dissolved. Since then Adam, Steve and another programmer Dave Hickenbotham have been rebuilding the system they were developing.

I believe that this will be a good venture. The technologies we are using and the systems we have to build are all very reminiscent of the things I have done in my last two jobs. It is almost as if I have been prepared for this job by the jobs I have had previously. If I had known that in the future that I would be starting this kind of company and system and were to choose the jobs that would give me the best experience, I could scarcely have made better choices than the jobs I have worked.

For now I am not making loads of money, not close to what I was making, but I am very grateful for the fact that I can have a part in making a new company and yet still get paid enough to get by while I do so. Most people who start new companies do not get paid to do so. I count myself blessed for the opportunity.

Actually (you’re Actual Factual!), it really reminds me of the days back with Inetz developing Synoma. Planning a new system from the ground up is exciting, and I’m enjoying the prospect of driving a business that hopefullly I will have some say in. All in all I thank God for this opportunity! I am working from home for the time being, which was one of the things I had been secretly hoping for at my next job. I am happy.

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