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Unemployed, but with Darts

Yes, I am unemployed. I actually decided to switch jobs last October, and spent a little time putting up this website and a resume. I tried to budget time in to get in contact with past-used recruiters, but they had all gone out of business. I had it in the back of my mind for months but work, home, playing with the kids and church obligations kept me from doing any serious looking.

Then, April 2nd came and About Web Services was aquired by United Online (NetZero/Juno). Since I was the main person for billing, and was heavily involved in revenue reporting, all of a sudden I was swamped in long high-priority projects and found myself with even less time to look for the jobs. I asked in prayer about just quitting and got a firm “Yes” answer. I know that we will be ok; God will take care of us.

Last October I was just getting a little dissasifed with the way the company was going and my personal situation with my projects and manager. God has helped me in the past with job decisions, and letting me know when to move on, so I asked in prayer then and felt confirmation that I should start looking. I honestly think that United Online will be a great thing for the AWS team, giving them the attention they always have deserved. I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with my friends there. May 7th was my last day with AWS.

These last 2 weeks have actually been quite enjoyable so far. I remember the 2 weeks of unemployment in my last job-switch and remember it being Hell being so stressed. Thus far I’ve spent most of the time following job leads and contacting companies. I’ve really loved the time with the kids and Charla. I’ve also made a couple of AppleScript sequences to auto-organize, re-size, generate HTML and post photos taken with our digital camera. You only have to drop photos into the right iPhoto album, and the AppleScript does the rest. It’s pretty sweet!

For Christmas I got Charla a $5 dart board and made a setup downstairs. For about a month we played more than once a day. The trick for us for a while was to just be able to hit the dartboard. We made the house rule for a while that we could re-throw missed darts or darts that didn’t stick. We’ve been playing pretty steadily since then and are getting much better. I’d like to say we were pretty matched, but in truth I rarely won a game over Charla. I maybe won 1 game out of 10.

Since I’ve been out of work we play all the time. We found the game “Round the clock”, where you have to hit all the numbers 1 through 20 in order. So far I’ve won all but one of the games of Round the clock, Charla’s been a good sport: she only hits me for a few hours afterwards. Besides the abuse, we’re loving it. We’ve used the dart board so much that it’s gotten pretty worn and will need replacing soon.

We have some good leads and could be into the next job soon. Hey all Y’all friends, keep in touch! Well, Charla just challenged me to another game of darts. See Ya!

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