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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004

So, we have finally launched our first serious online site. We have put together ME, a site to sell the jewelry made by Charla’s sister Michele Evans. She makes all kinds of charming pieces including earrings, beaded bracelets and silver creations she actually smiths herself. Michele has been making jewelry for 15 years now, and we’ve always been amazed at it. Several times over the past year we’ve talked with her about creating a website for her, and finally now, we’ve done it.

The site has about a hundred or so products so far, I think it looks pretty good. There are some glitches with some things, the images all need to be retouched a bit, but we’re excited to start getting traffic. We are now entering the splendiferous world of marketing. So far as we can see it we need to get linked to by other sites so that Google lists us higher in their index.

We just launched yesterday in time for one of Michele’s trade shows in Chicago. We may get some referrals soon from people with her business cards. We’re starting to feel the depression set in of not seeing traffic. Google indexed our Coming Soon page on April 1, so who knows when they will re-index us…

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