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Digital Camera, Olympus C-50

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004

Charla and I have been talking about getting digital camera for a long while now. Charla has checked up a few times on eBay to get a feel for the price market. We’d offhand decided we were looking for a 3 MegaPixel(MP) camera around $200. As Charla can attest, I have a habit of taking these ballparks and saying “Well if we’d be okay with a $200 camera, just think of how much we’d love a $400 camera!”.

So, Charla tells me one day that she put a bid on a camera she saw on eBay. I had been thinking that there was NO way I would talk her into getting anything that expensive for a long while because of the computer and diamond I got her for Christmas. I was more than pleased that she was thinking seriously about a nice digital camera. I’ve been wanting a digital camera ever since I saw how my friend Doran Barton uses his to post trip reports and events within days (hours sometimes) of taking the pictures. We usually scan in all our photos anyways into the computer after they are developed, so it would be so nice to have them digital in the first place. You also have SO much more freedom in taking pictures because you don’t need to be afraid of wasting film. Any pics you don’t like you can erase on the camera or on the computer later.

So, we didn’t win that first bid, which was a 4MP Panasonic for $200 though we really didn’t want to get the first one we saw anyways. We researched a bit, Charla bid and lost a few more cameras, and we learned a bit more what we wanted. So, last week Charla tells me she bid on another camera. She’s so cute, she tells me after she places the bid and then asks me “Dave, do you love me? — Because I just placed a bid on a camera.” So, I came over to look, and she shows me it’s a 5MP Olympus C-50 refurbished for $325 with a 5-year after-market warranty. It has good white balance controls, and lots of other techie bells and whistles we were looking for. This was way more than Charla had placed a bid for a camera thus far, but she told me “We won’t get it, don’t get your hopes up.” They were selling 2 cameras in the auction which means we have to be outbid twice. We watched it as the last hour of the auction ticked away… Someone bid $320, and we were at the max bid. Charla was pretty confident we weren’t going to get this one. I wanted it real bad though. It got down to the last 5 mins, Charla was freaking out, (“No! I don’t want to spend $325 on a camera!”), and I was doing a little dance. We watched the seconds tick away… Someone outbid us the first time, but we still had the winning bid on the second. 15 seconds, 12 seconds, 5 seconds… and we got it!

I love eBay!

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