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Holidays report

Friday, January 9th, 2004

Christmas was great. We didn’t do much, just saw family and opened presents. It was nice and relaxing. I took the week after Christmas off like I’ve done the last couple years. We’ve done a trip to St. George usually during that week, but we had church lessons and such to get ready for Sunday. It’s all good though, we got out our Dual G4 1.42 Ghz with 1.5GB ram that we gave ourselves for Christmas. We’d had it out before to test it out because it was an eBay buy. It had had a problem with the graphics card overheating and acting really strangely after running for 3 days. After being at CompUSA for almost 4 weeks (!@Q!^$$@!!) we got it back the week before Christmas with a replaced graphics card. I’d been restraining myself, when we had it out before, from diving in to all the OSX customizations and experimentation. It was for Christmas and I wanted to save whatever new-computer experience I could until after Christmas. So, a good part of the week after Christmas was spent playing on the G4.

Charla kept telling me that I couldn’t buy anything else for her for Christmas because the computer Was our Christmas. I’d been wanting to get her a diamond necklace ever since out last Anniversary in March, which was out 5th anniversary. We’d just bought a new truck at that point and so she insisted that I not spend much. So, I wasn’t going to let our 5th Christmas together go by without doing something. I knew that if I bought it more than a couple days before Christmas that she would see it in the finances. Kinda hard to miss a multi-hundred dollar transaction from “Shane Company” on the statement and not know just what it was. I figured that was probably the worst way to get a diamond, to see how much it cost first before you see the rock. Well, I picked up a 1/3 carat round diamond with a color of about a G or better on a white gold basket and extra fine white gold chain for $480. I have no idea, as usual, if I got swindled or not on the price, so if you know anything about it email me and let me know, but only if you think I got a good deal. 😉 If I got a bad deal, just keep it to yourself, I’m happy enough seeing it sparkle. Charla loved it and has worn it often since then. She talks about how crazy it is to have $500 hanging around your neck, and so easy to lose.

Ethan and Moey enjoyed Christmas I think. Nana and Grandpa came over Christmas morning and went with the kids on their treasure hunts. Ethan got a bunch of Army guys, with tanks :), some movies, and a racing car set among lots of other stuff. Moey got fingernail polish (she’s one and a half!) which she LOVED, a Kipper DVD, clothes and some Bob-the Builder stuff. I got Charla(Me) a dartboard and set it up downstairs. We have been playing a whole lot lately. Charla usually creams me. I think I’ve won like 2 games out of 20. It’s not like I’m letting her win either, she just beats me every time.

Well, I’ve been working less on my websites lately. Too many other things have been crowding things out. My philosophy is this: Life is simply a process of mixing and balancing tasks, hobbies, family, and religion: you know you are doing it well when you are happy and comfortable; you are locked into nothing, the only thing you have to do in this life is die.

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