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South Beach Diet Day 8

Monday, January 12th, 2004

We are on Day 8 of Phase I of the South Beach Diet. We started last Monday and should be complete and onto Phase II by this Sunday. Ok, I was really excited about Phase II until about 2 seconds ago. I had been so excited about it because in Phase II you can eat whole Wheat and Rye breads. I just had it clarified oh so mercilessly by my wife Charla that even in Phase II I am allowed only 1 roll per day. One freeakin roll! I was planning on eating like 1 or 2 loaves per day. Oh well.

So on Wed last week I weighed myself I figured I had lost about 5 pounds from a recent weighing. Thursday and Friday lost another 2 and then 1 pounds. On Saturday however the gravitational force of the earth increased and our erroneous scale said I had gained 7 pounds. Yes, a net loss of 1 pound. On Sunday I was down another 3 pounds (4 lb net loss). Aaah sigh, it started so well.

I have actually enjoyed some facets of this dieting thing. Since there are so few things I can eat, I have been forced to try (on a desparately empty stomach) many foods that I’ve turned my nose up to before. Hot Dogs. I have never really liked Hot Dogs and when I have liked them, it’s been with ketchup. I have now fallen in love with Hot Dogs dipped in yellow mustard, since I cannot have ketchup on Phase I. Also to join the list of new favorites are Cucumbers, Squash, Pistachios, Cashews, Macadamia Nuts, and Tuna Fish straight from the can. I have tried many bizzare combinations of other foods like Cottage Cheese with just about every spice in our spice cabinet. A cheese stick wrapped in a piece of Turket Breast lunch meat is not bad at all…

We’ll see just how long this diet lasts. Charla’s been hinting that she is sick of it as well. 😉

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