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First Blog, Let it Snow

Monday, November 3rd, 2003

Here I go with my first blog entry…

Today is Billing Day for my company About Web Services, and since that’s what I do, that’s what I’m doing. It has been snowing on and off all day again. When it started this morning it was the biggest snowflakes I had ever seen. Some of the “snow clumps” were almost 3 inches long. An hour later and it had tapered off to nothing and the snpow began to melt. Another hout later saw huge snowflakes again, adding an inch or so onto the ground in a few minutes. It has snowed and stopped twice more since then and currently as I write this inch and a half flakes are fluttering down like billions of down feathers shaken from a pillow. I’m afraid I’m not getting any work done from watching the snow.

On good days the view from my desk is a beautiful vantage point of Provo Canyon and the mountains above the Orem. Someday maybe I’ll put up a webcam for y’all to see it.

Haloween went well, it snowed on all the trick-or-treaters. Ethan and Moey were not too interested in trick-or-treating –and neither Charla or I tried to change their minds. Ethan is only 4 and doesn’t yet understand the candy-capital he is passing up yet. Ethan made a great pumpkin face that Charla carved out. Someday I’ll get a digital camera so I can share the pics as they happen.

The only other thing of interest today is that I am watching (with baited breath (what is that supposed to mean anyhow???)) an eBay auction for a Dual 1.4Ghz G4 Mac with 1GB of RAM. We are currently the high bidder, and the Mac is in Salt Lake, so we can hopefully avoid the shipping charges. We most-likely will not be the winning bid, but we can still drool and get all excited. We are excited mostly about getting a DVD burner to archive our Home videos. We have 5 full MiniDV tapes to edit and 80GB full of more video already copied from tapes filling our hard drive.

Well, we’ll see just how often this gets updated.

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